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free shipping from USA On every order!

Gayolia Waist Trainers

Welcome Gorgeous Woman!

Important: Please measure your size before ordering!

Is it your First time with waist trainers?! If the answer is Yes - Give yourself some time to get used to it.

Start by wearing the waist trainer for 1-2 hours a day and add more time everyday  until you can comfortably stay with it for 8 hours or more Every day.

Tightened Waist trainer will work better rather than a loosen one.

Tightened waist trainer will reshape your waist and in addition while you wear waist trainer or shapper you feel full soon and don't eat so much - which will help reduce your belly fat and  loose weight if needed.

Waist trainers can help you reduce inches off your waist area, However, it will work GREAT  & fast with some exercise!                                                           Even your everyday tasks when done intensively - can give you good results.

Note: It is better to take a smaller size (and add a corset extension) than a bigger one - it will give you more time to use your waist trainer before you get your next one in a smaller size.

If it is your first time - we recommend to take your exact size as measured.
Be persist! wear the Waist Trainer every day as long as you can, at list for 30 days.  You will  be amazed from the results!

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